Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's It Worth?

One of my favorite TV shows is Antiques Roadshow. I have to admit, I love it when someone brings in an item that they thought was just this side of junk and then finds out that it is worth a ridiculous amount of money. Even when some try to be cool and not show much emotion, you can tell they are ready to jump out of their skin!
One of the by-products of a show like this, however, is the notion that dollar amounts determine value. And that is simply not true. The most precious things in the world - family, friends, love, faith, etc. - are referred to as "priceless". Even companies that are in the business of business acknowledge this. (Airport parking: $7, balloons: $12, disposable camera: $8.95, seeing your son come home from Afghanistan: priceless!) That is why the Lord instructed his followers "Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.” (Mt. 10:8).
It got me to thinking. Are there ways that I try to exact a "price" for things that are priceless? How stingy am I about sharing my faith. I am obviously not talking about my ministry as a priest, but rather in my personal down time, when I am with friends or even strangers. Do I look for opportunities to share faith or love? Or do I simply hold on to these "priceless" gifts selfishly?  Oh, I can rationalize my way out of almost anything if I try, but it all comes down to embracing and living the challenge of the gospel. I cannot be a follower of the Lord only when I am "on" as a priest. I must actively seek out occasions to share my faith and show the love of God to people all the time, whether it be in the store, out at a restaurant, or even driving. And the funny thing is, rather than be diminished, faith and love increase when shared. And their value increases as well. So, I'd better get looking for opportunities to give without cost today. And how about you? What's it worth to you?

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