Thursday, December 2, 2010

Listen to His Words

Today's gospel reminds us that we need to become more familiar with Scripture. Jesus said that we must "listen to these words of mine and act on them" (Mt. 7: 24). This presumes we have a knowledge of His word. The only way to gain a familiarity is to read Scripture. For too many, however, their only exposure to the inspired word of God is at Mass. While many Catholic homes may have a bible, it is often just left on a shelf and remains unopened. The best bibles are the ones that show they are used frequently. I always marvel when I see someone who has a bible that is dog-eared, written in and falling apart. This tells me that the person has a familiarity with what is contained inside, and does not just keep it because they are supposed to have a bible in the house.
It might be an idea to consider giving a bible as a Christmas gift. If nothing else, it would certainly get a reaction! and, perhaps, it would also provide an opportunity to talk about the importance og God's word in our lives. As scripture says, only when we listen to them will we be building our house on a solid rock foundation!

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