Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Child is Born for Us

Wrapping paper everywhere! That is what millions of living rooms look like this morning! Now that Santa has come and gone, people will be welcoming family and friends or traveling to visit others. In the midst of all this, as we prepare for a Christmas feast, it is so wonderful to welcome our sisters and brothers to the real stable - the table of the Lord. Think about it. These twenty-four hours see more people go to church than any other throughout the year. And all are there, even if they cannot put it into words, to honor the Child who was born for and given to us. The  first and most important Christmas present, not given by Santa but by God Himself, was the Christ Child.
As you continue your celebration this day, I pray that God will shower blessings upon you. With each gift you give or receive, say a quick prayer for the giver or recipient. Ask God to help them keep the true  meaning of this day foremost in their  minds. And know that God, the ultimate "re-gifter", continues to give you the first and best Christmas Gift - His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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