Monday, December 27, 2010

An Empty Tomb

In the midst of our celebration of the birth of Christ, when we try to spread the "reason for the season", the Church reminds us of the reason for the birth. Today's Gospel tells the story of Easter morning, the day when those first disciples saw the empty tomb and received proof that Jesus was, indeed, the Promised One. From birth to Resurrection, the presence on earth of the Word  Made Flesh was for our sake. When He was a child, preaching, performing miracles, praying, confronting evil and undergoing the  Passion, Death and Resurrection, Jesus gave us an example of living according to the will of the Father. As a result of His doing so, we have been saved.
It is always important that we know where we are going, to have the goal in mind. Our own "resurrection", when we will rise on the last day for the final judgment, is something we should never forget as we go about our daily work. Some people may find it morbid to think about it, but we should live each day thinking about our death. How different the world would be if everyone pondered their mortality. So today I hope you will think about how you will reach the goal. How can you live today that will help you get to heaven? As you do so, remember that what you do today may be what people remember most about you, for good or ill, when you are gone.
I often tell folks that there are very few things you can absolutely guarantee. But one thing is definite. If  you live every day as if it was your last day on earth, someday you will be right!

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