Thursday, November 25, 2010

To God Be The Glory

Our nation pauses today and celebrates what is, in reality, our only National Holy Day. While other days which people of faith consider to be holy have been transformed into secular "holidays" by much of society, by its very name Thanksgiving defines itself as a day devoted to giving thanks to God.
We are usually good about asking for God's help, whether in large matters (help my sick child get better or I need a job) or small (help me pass tomorrow's test or please get this traffic moving). Unfortunately, when we receive the answer to these prayers we offered, we either go on as if nothing happened or deflect the thanks that is owed to God (Wow, I was really lucky). God does all the work, and luck gets all the credit!
One of my favorite sayings at this time of year is "For what shall we give thanks?" It really makes me pause and ponder, because I don't take enough time to consider all the things, great and small, that God does for me everyday. Perhaps we can all take a little more time than usual today and recognize the great debt we owe to God. And rather than giving luck the credit, maybe we will remember the One to whom all glory and thanks really belongs. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and enjoy!

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