Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prepare the Way

With Advent beginning this evening, I thought I would share an idea I had that might help me and others keep true to the season of preparation. Several years ago, overwhelmed by the amount of Christmas cards I was sending, I decided to opt out of that particular tradition, donating the money I was spending on cards and postage to a charity instead. While it made me feel good to help others, it certainly did nothing to help me express prayers and blessings at Christmas time.
This year I thought of a new approach. I am going to try and write one short letter (not just send a Christmas card) each day to one person who has touched my life and express my gratitude to them. Even though it is not the traditional Christmas card, I think it will mean more to them and better help me keep focused on what is really important. And I really cannot think of a better way to celebrate Advent, when we are supposed to be preparing for the coming of the Lord, than to affirm the people who help me stay true to who I am called to be. The discipline of writing one letter each day will, I hope, help me remain in the right mindset and not become overwhelmed with the busyness that can overtake you in December. I am not sure how it will turn out, but I think it is worth a try.
Anybody else up for the challenge?

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