Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He Ain't Heavy...

Whenever we listen to the names of the first followers of the Lord, these disciples (and the 12 who would be called apostles) can seem to be just a group of people that were drawn together by the Lord. We sometimes forget that some of them not only were friends, but also related. Andrew, whose feast we celebrate today, is a good example. He was the brother of Simon, called "Peter" (the rock) by Jesus. In fact, in John's gospel it is Andrew who tells his brother Simon about the Lord and recruits him.
This is really quite natural, since we all would want to share a wonderful discovery (good news) with family members and loved ones. In fact, it is most often our family, especially parents, who bring us to the Lord and present us for Baptism. Even among those who come to faith as adults, it is normally because of the example of loved ones that they were drawn to a relationship with the Lord through His Body, the Church.
Perhaps as we end the month of November today it would be good for us to offer a special prayer to those who long ago invited us to "Come and see" and have since died. Whether parent, spouse or friend, we owe them a debt of gratitude. And if they are still living, perhaps a quick note to tell them how much you appreciate the gift of faith that they shared with you would be appropriate.
Naturally, the best thing we can do is to "pay it forward". Next time someone asks you how you handle the difficulties in life, or how you maintain such a positive outlook, or why you go to church, invite them to "come and see"!

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