Monday, March 17, 2014

God's Loan

As I was contemplating this (hopefully) last snowfall of the season, I got to thinking about the word "Lent". Last week I mentioned in a homily that the time we have is really only "lent" to us by God - it really belongs to him. This became a very powerful meditation for me, and I began contemplating what I was doing with the time He has lent me. You see, since it is only lent, I will have to return it someday. And I think He will want to know what I did with it while I had it. If I was God, I am not sure I would be very happy with me. When I lend someone something, I kind of expect it to be given back in the same condition, without any damage and with all of its parts. The time God has lent me has not always remained in such great shape. I have wasted a lot of it, letting it spill out uselessly. Sometimes I have used it for things that were far from the intended use, kind of like using a professional knife as a screwdriver. I have spent time on things that were far from what God gave it to me to use on, and on reflection I am ashamed. One of the nice things is that, so far, God had continued to lend me some additional time, so that I can use it better. Each day I run out and, up until now, He has lent me another day. How long this will go on, though, I am not sure. I know that someday God will stop lending me any more time, and I will have to let Him know what I did with the days , months and years He lent me. I guess what I am trying to say is: This Lent I want to make a better effort to use the time lent to me in a better way. I want to take care of it just as God does, since it belongs to Him. I know this is difficult, because I easily fall back into the old habit of thinking that it is mine. But maybe for these remaining days of Lent, I will be able to keep it in mind that the time I have on this earth is only lent to me, and, since God cannot use it Himself in the same way I can, I better make sure I use it the right way so I will be able to return it to Him in good condition! And, by the way - Happy St. Patrick's Day. May the road rise... well, you know.

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