Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Attention Please

Today's celebration of the annunciation of the Lord highlights the wonderful event during which the angel proclaimed a special announcement from God to Mary. This announcement, that she was chosen to be the mother of His Son, was not a command. It was really more of a request, a revelation of His will for Mary, and she had to pay attention. In all of human history, this was undoubtedly the most important announcement made to any single individual, and we are all blessed through her "yes". But is is certainly not the only "annunciation". In fact, every day God tries to announce to us His intentions, His will for us. The problem is when we think that, unless there is an angel who appears to us, this revelation does not happen. Not true! Angels as messengers were the means that God chose to deliver His messages (make announcements) to people prior to the coming of Christ. Shortly after the life, death and resurrection of the Lord, angels were no longer necessary. The Lord's own words and the words and example of His followers became the means by which God would communicate with us. And that is still the case. This is the reason why we need to become more and more familiar with the teachings and example of Christ. Sacred Scripture, then, is crucial to hearing and understanding the daily "annunciations" that are meant for us. And we need to surround ourselves with others who are trying to follow Christ. In every situation, every encounter, every decision we have to make, God tries to reveal His will for us. In order to attune ourselves to this voice of God, we need to examine the words and actin of the Lord and listen to the wisdom of our sisters and brothers in Christ to see if we can more clearly understand God's will. Just asking the question "What does God want me to do?" can help us become more aware of and open to doing what is right, what is best, what God wants. As we continue to celebrate the Annunciation of God's will to Mary, let's also try and see what announcement God is trying to make to us. Please God, help us pay attention!

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