Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Works Testify

In today's Gospel (John 10: 22-30), Jesus states that "The works I do in my Father’s name testify to me". That is a powerful statement, and one that bears reflection. Our works give a testimony about what we see as important, what is worth our time and effort. Whether we think about the "work" we do as part of our employment, our hobbies, or the work around the house that occupies our time, what we do says something about us. They reflect our values, our beliefs, our fundamental point of view.
So often we simply go along as we always have, never considering that we might be slowly drifting away from the fundamental principles of faith and morality that should be guideposts for us. After a while we can seem to be completely different that who were really want to be. It is time for us to examine our lives and take a good long look at what we are doing. How do we treat people at work? What is our attitude around the house? Do our "hobbies" include things that reflect negatively on our character?
As I celebrate the 31st anniversary of my priestly ordination today, I need to take time to consider what my ministry reflects about me, since this is a big part of my "work". But I also have to examine the everyday interactions with people, the everyday work of living. All of this testifies about me. I wonder... will it be a testimony that will make me proud, or ashamed?

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