Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Goodness of the Lord

The Psalm Response (Psalm 89) to our reading at today's Mass reminds us of something that is very important - we need to acknowledge the goodness of God. After having listened to Paul's account of God's care and concern for the people of Israel (Acts 13: 13-25), it is vital that we declare our eagerness to affirm what God has done. Unfortunately, too often instead of proclaiming "Forever I will sing the goodness of the Lord", we are more prone to ask "What have you done for me lately?"!
Our attitude does more than simply impact us individually. It also has an impact on those around us. Just imagine you are a person who does not really pray or think about God much. Your "more religious" friends are always complaining about their life and wondering why God "did this". Do you really think you would be encouraged to pray? What incentive would there be to consider going to God with your needs when those who do always complain?
Now, imagine yourself in the same scenario, but your friends are always telling you how good God has been to them. Even when they did not receive the answer they expected top their prayers, they acknowledge that God did something great for them. Do you think your reaction might be different? You might even decide to give that prayer thing a try.
Our attitude can help change the world, especially for those who need hope. Let's try it today. Let's try to be optimistic, seeing the wonderful things God is doing, and letting others know it. Just for today, let's try to "sing the goodness of the Lord." The results may surprise us!

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The post is beautiful!
Steve, I am considering driving to the Men's Focolare for the Conference Call tonight,so, I may not be on Skype. All my unity to you and All. In Mary Desolate, Don