Monday, March 28, 2011


Did you ever watch children who do not want to listen to something cover their ears and begin to make make noise? They might sing, speak loudly or just make sounds in an effort to drown out the words they do not want to hear. Maybe it is a childish attempt at "plausible deniability", since if they do not "hear" it, it does not exist and they cannot be held accountable. Adults may not resort to covering the ears and making that "Lalalala" sound, but we too think that if we ignore it it is not so. This is what the people in today's Gospel Luke 4:24-30) were doing. Even though it was past history, they did not want to face reality, as if denying it would change what happened.
God has given us a plan for life. Well, maybe not all the details are filled-in, but the general plan is laid out for us. How to act. How to treat people. What relationships should hold priorities for us. And with the coming of the Lord, humans no longer had to guess how to apply God's teachings to life situations. He showed us how to live and we are expected to follow His example.
I wonder how often we cover our ears and pretend we do not know? I can tell you from personal experience, there are many time when I try to do that, preferring not to think about how God wants me to react to people or situations. But pretending I am unaware does not change the reality, for any of us. Each day we are faced with challenges - opportunities really - to live the way that God intends us to live. Today I will be trying to keep my ears open to God's Word and put His will into practice. It may not be as easy as trying to drown out God's voice in my head, but it will ultimately be what is best for me.

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