Monday, March 7, 2011

Anyone Rejected Lately?

Sorry for the delay in posting, everyone. After the trip home it has taken me a while to get back into the swing of things.
Today's gospel has Jesus talking about rejection. This is probably something most people have felt at one time or another. And sadly it is also probably something that most of us have done at one time or another. The funny thing about rejection is, even if it is for a seemingly valid reason, it still hurts. Watch American Idol sometime if you doubt me. Even those who obviously did not do a good job are hurt by the rejection.
Which leads to the question: What happens after rejection? I guess it depends on whether we are speaking about the one rejected or the one doing the rejecting. In the parable, Jesus obviously says that those who reject others without reason will come to a bad end. This is what we all hope will be the result for bullies and others who make fun of and keep isolated those who do not fit into their stereotype of acceptability. It is why we all need to take a good hard look at our lives and see if we are rejecting anyone and keeping them out of our "world view". Who are the people we simply don't see, even though we come into contact with them, perhaps every day? And what do we think God will have to say about the situation?

And as for the ones who are rejected, the Lord is also pretty clear. The image of a cornerstone is that of a stone with a very specific purpose. A cornerstone is set first, and all the other stones are set in relationship to it. It will, for example, set the angle of the walls and be constantly referred to to insure that the building is being constructed correctly. If a stone "rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone", this indicates that the architect has determined that its value is above all of the other stones that can simply be used in the building anywhere. As we apply this to ourselves, we need to take a rejections as a sign that there is a very specific place and role that God has in mind for us. And this role is one that no one else can fulfill.
So, today we are given opportunities to examine our lives and see if we are rejecting anyone or being rejected by anyone. And God has offered to provide the balance. I pray we will have the strength to examine our lives and begin to stop rejecting people who may not fit comfortably into our little world. And I also pray that we will all see any rejection we may experience as a call to discover the exact spot and purpose that God has in mind for us. If we can do these, we will it will surely be marvelous in God's eyes!

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