Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harmony - Beautiful but Difficult

Today's reflections is on harmony. We are probably most familiar with this term in referring to music. It is when various notes are sounded that fit together so that the sum is more than the individual parts.But is applies to more than just music. People, too, are called to live harmonious lives. When many people live in unity, you have harmony. And living in harmony with God is our highest calling.
We are so often concerned with ourselves - my rights, my needs, my desires - that we forget that everything we say and do is in relation to others. Indeed, there is nothing I can say or do that can truly be said to impact only me. Because of this, I have to try and see how my decisions will impact others. If I do this on a consistent basis, I can be said to be living in harmony with others. And if I make decisions based on God's will and not simply my own, I will become more in harmony with God as well.
This idea of living in harmony can have implications for every aspect of my life. How I dress, how I arrange the  furnishings in my room, how I interact with other people - all of these can be signs of harmony or disharmony. And especially for those who are living in the same house, apartment, dorm, rectory, etc., harmony can be critical for a better life.
 Because we can become our best self when interacting with others, the way we interact with them can help or hurt our maturation. Often people are  amazed in watching a long-time married couple,  for example. They seem to  be able to anticipate each others needs, without a word being spoken. This comes from the harmony they have found after years of work.And it is hard work! But the results are  worth  it. Even if you live alone, it is still important to be in harmony with others. We all know of the horror stories of neighbors, classmates or co-workers who do not get along, and everyone around them suffers as a result.
I would like to propose that today we all try to live in harmony with those around us.Try to anticipate their needs. Think about how your words and actions might be perceived by them before you speak or act. Ask yourself what you can do to make the result of your interaction with  someone better that either of you  could do alone. If we all try this, perhaps the world can become a more harmonious place, and more like the place God created it to be.

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