Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Things

Sorry for the delay in posting today, folks.
Today's First Reading starts a continuous look at the first book of the Bible - Genesis. "In the beginning" we hear that God created, and each day He saw that it was good. What a wonderful way to begin the Bible! It is a powerful lesson for all of us, to begin by presuming the good in the world. I firmly believe that our attitude makes a big difference when dealing with situations or people. Too often we begin by presuming the worst rather than the best. This sort of cynicism is infectious, and can blind us to the good that inherent in all of creation.
as people of faith, I believe it is incumbent on us to search for, find and celebrate what is good in the world. There is nothing worse than a crabby Christian! You have heard it said that some people see the glass as half full and some as half empty. I am finding more and more people who see the glass as half empty, cracked and leaking like a sieve! This is no way for a Christian to live.
God saw everything He created as good - light and darkness, earth and sky, land and sea, plants and trees, sun and moon - everything. Maybe it has to do with perspective. God sees things as all fitting together somehow. We see things in isolation, and only think about their impact on us. For example, we have had a lot of snow in this part of the country. So many of us complain about it, bemoaning te fact that it is disrupting our lives. But if you make your living plowing snow, it is an answer to your prayers. It is not only good, it is great! It all depends on your perspective.
I am going to try and face difficult situations (or people) be trying to see things from a different perspective. Ideally, we would always see as God sees. Difficult to accomplish, but worth trying. If I can try each day to begin by expecting to find good, I just may find a lot more that I like. And really - who wold rather see more good things each day?

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