Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aspects of Life

Today we heard from a very wise woman, Eli Folonari, who spoke about the need to allow God to penetrate every aspect of our lives. So often we try to wall God off into a very separate, very small space in our lives. Perhaps it is once a week or month at  Mass, or maybe every day for a few minutes of prayer. As one of the closest companions of Focolare founder Chiara Lubich, she shared Chiara's insight (we see it as a gift from God) that God wants to be present in every aspect of our lives. This not only includes our spiritual side, but also how we deal with other people, our studies, our health, etc.
She told us that Chiara Lubich did not sit down and think about this, but rather experienced it. She realized that it was necessary if someone wants to live a life in unity with God and others. And we were all challenged to see if there are any areas of our lives from which that we keep God separated. I have to admit, it is very challenging for me. I sometimes think about my work, for example, administration in the parish, as not really connected with God. It seems, at times, to actually hold me back from my "ministry". What I came to realize today is that, if I bring God with me to all of the things I do - to the administrative, fiscal,  organizational side of my days - I will have a lot more peace, and a lot more success in God's eyes.
So, the challenge is to examine our lives and see if there are aspects in which God is not really present every day. It is really about living in union with God throughout the day. And if you have trouble with this, ask someone you know and trust to help you. If you begin the conversation by declaring that the things you say and you want to do in the name of Jesus, He has promised that He will be there in your midst. And between the three of you, you will figure it out!

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