Friday, April 15, 2011

Performing the Father's Works

In today's Gospel John 10: 31-42), the Lord speaks of performing the works of the Father as a sign that He is the Son of the Father. It seems to me that it is also a good way to prove that we also are children of God. But that means that we have to be doing God's work each and every day.
I often wonder where the day goes, it passes by so quickly. And then, on reflection, I wonder just what it is that I have accomplished. Many tasks of daily life may not seem to have any purpose. Some of the routine things can easily become meaningless if we allow them. It is important to try and see  how even these routine things have a place in the plan of God. They may not seem very meaningful, but those tasks which are designed to make the day go more smoothly can help me focus my attention on the interactions I have with people, the opportunities to help make these encounters more intense experiences of God's presence. Often the work that the Father calls me to do is simply be present to another - to give them the chance to be heard and valued. These seemingly random, often brief interactions can make a huge difference in their life, and mine as well, if I embrace them as part of the work of the Father that I am called upon to undertake.
Every day these works will change, but one thing is clear. I have to become more and more aware of  my part in performing and the importance it has in God's plan.
By using this criteria, performing the works of the Father, perhaps I can keep a better check on myself. I have to remember to ask myself each day, and many times during the day, "Am I doing the works of the Father?". And then I need to give thanks to God for these occasions of grace.

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