Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

No, I am not trying to make up for mot posting yesterday. The Church celebrates for an octave (8 days) this important feats, and so each day is celebrated as Easter Day! The awesome implications of the Resurrection of the Lord could not possibly be given adequate reflection in just one day, and so we break it down into various aspects to celebrate these Easter days.
Today we hear the story of the two Marys and their encounter with the Lord as they hurried to tell the other disciples what the angel had revealed to them. These two faithful followers, who stayed with the Lord even to Calvary, were blessed with being the first to see the Risen Lord. How beautiful... and appropriate! This is, perhaps, an insight into what awaits those who remain faithful to the Lord here on earth. If we do not abandon Him, we will see Him. Oh, we may not see His risen body until we die, but surely those who are faithful to the Lord are aware of His presence in their lives each day. The faithful are able to see the Lord in the poor and oppressed, in the hungry and thirsty, in the sick and imprisoned, in the "least" of His sisters and brothers. If our celebration of Easter does anything, it should stir us to go out and look for the Lord in our midst. It takes practice, but once you adjust your way of looking, you will never be the same. You will find Him in the simplest encounters, seeing in them opportunities to love. If you declare that what you do with another you do in the name of Jesus, He has promised that He will be there in the midst of this gathering. Now that is something to make you shout "Alleluia!"

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