Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Life Saver

For me, Holy Week is really more of a goal, rather than a name. As a priest, I think it is sometimes more difficult to really get into the spirit of the week, since we have so many different liturgies to plan and celebrate. And the hectic schedule means that there is even less time than normal for reflection. But despite this, I think it is important that I make the time to contemplate the truths behind what we are celebrating during this week. I need to let go of my need to have everything just so, and embrace the "chaos" of what the week represents. Certainly nothing went according to anyone's plan during that last week of the Lord's life, so why should I expect that mine will? It is probably more the norm that when a person makes a great sacrifice, it is not something planned out ahead of time but rather a response to the situation of the moment. The Lord certainly could have said "Wait a minute, let's take our time here". After all, He always had those "legions of angels" that could come at any moment. But He chose not to call them, not to use His divinity in order to save his human life. Putting aside His own comfort and control, He allowed Himself to become a pawn of others. And He did it for us. That is the thing I must never forget. He died for me. Wow. Think about that statement - one which we all can make. Jesus died for me. Imagine if I said that about, for example, a firefighter. How would I feel if a firefighter died in order to save me from a burning building? Sit with that for a minute. A man rushes into a burning building, saves you and then dies as a result. Well, that is exactly what Jesus did. And it was not just a burning building, but "the fires of hell" from which I was rescued. And, just as any emergency responder would say when asked "why?", the Lord also says "because that is what I do." Wow, indeed! This meditation is what I need to make this a Holy Week. And I pray it will be that for you also.

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